What We Do


The website offers a comprehensive Community Calendar where members can post and describe in detail their events and activities. The listing is automatically copied onto the Community Calendar and sent out weekly in the newsletter.

Pro-Net Picks:

Pro-Net Picks is a weekly E-calendar of events members have posted. Each post is hyperlinked to a complete description of the event. This calendar is sent out EVERY TUESDAY to members and interested subscribers. Pro-Net has an ever expanding email list that ANYONE can join, and members post events and have them hyperlinked and advertised to TC Pro-Net’s email list on a WEEKLY BASIS.

Button Maker:

In the past 4 years, our members have made 12,000 buttons! You can make as many or as few as you want for 15 cents per button! Click here to read more about using Pro-Net’s button maker. You can also create magnets and key chains if you special order for those applications. Contact us about special orders.

Social Events:

Pro-Net Flicks is a movie night where members and friends go to the movies together and to a bar or restaurant afterwards. The annual summer Town Hall Picnic on the second Sunday in July features fun first! a candidate forum, and a killer keynote speaker. The Birthday Bash in October is the annual meeting (party) with free drinks and birthday cake! Stay tuned…

Public Events:

TC Pro-Net sponsors public events featuring authors and important figures speaking out on educational issues of current interest. TC Pro-Net sponsored a Fall Conference including a spaghetti dinner, tabling opportunities and workshops for the 100 participants.

An Evening with Mike Farrell was open to the public, co-sponsored with B.R.I.C.K., and brought 400 participants together to hear this well known peace, justice and human rights activist.

Author/Journalist Greg Palast spoke on October 3 ’08, at another free event, co-sponsored with B.R.I.C.K.

Author/Environmentalist Vandana Shiva packed the Minnaert Center in October ’09. TC Pro-Net again partnered with B.R.I.C.K. of SPSCC to provide this educational event to the public.

On the Saturday before Easter, TC Pro-Net hosts a FoodRaiser for the Thurston County Food Bank. Members volunteer for
2-hour shifts, and we typically collect $3-4000 dollars and 2 tons of food in 6 hours!

Join Now!

TC Pro-Net can fulfill its potential to educate and support its members if a large number and variety of progressives join us. Membership is open to individuals, organizations and businesses. TC Pro-Net serves progressives across all the issues. Read our Mission Statement, Goals & Objectives and Values. Membership is $25 annually. Click here to join.

Membership questions? Email us at [email protected]