Mission Statement

The Thurston County Progressive Network is a non-profit membership organization that provides communication services, support and education to individuals, businesses and organizations who believe in and work for social, economic and environmental justice. Join Us!

Goals and Objectives

  1. Build solidarity among progressives through:
    • Providing a list of groups, businesses and unions, who are working for the values mentioned above and below.
    • Creating opportunities for members of organizations to share trainings, workshops, and mutual support.
    • Encouraging members to form coalitions on common issues including: workplace fairness, justice and opportunity; environmental stewardship; media and healthcare reform; free and fair elections.
  2. Coordinate group communications and activities through:
    • Providing a comprehensive calendar of activities, classes and events.
    • Creating shared web and email based tools for communicating, scheduling, planning and producing events.
    • Supporting community-wide response to events including rallies, job actions and fundraisers.
  3. Promote civic involvement through:
    • Supporting member organizations' meetings, classes, events and activities.
    • Promoting public events to increase citizen participation and to educate the public.
    • Encouraging individual involvement in local action.


The following is a partial list of values we share:

•  Peace •  Gender & racial sensitivity
•  Non-violent social action •  Community building
•  Spiritual inclusiveness •  Personal and global responsibility
•  Grassroots democracy •  Social and economic justice
•  Fair labor practices •  Community based economics
•  Healthcare equality •  Ecological wisdom
•  Respect for diversity •  Sustainability